How to Evaluate the Safety and Security of a House and Residential Project?

While the kids will enjoy a safe environment in the house, will they feel the same way in and around the development? Ask yourself this question before you finalize a house. The safety aspect is often overlooked and neglected. The safety and security of your house can have a huge bearing on everyone in your family. Some project aspects that will enhance the safety quotient of your house include –


By paying attention to the safety practices adopted and buoyed by the builder during construction, you can get a reasonable idea regarding the safety and security orientation of the builder. A culture centred on construction site safety, will open up newer avenues for safety and security even post construction and possession.


Living in a gated community is important. The gates in the simplest sense help create the boundary between the outside and the inside. The entry and exit are thus monitored. A gated community can give you the feeling of enhanced security, keep the socially disturbing elements at bay and also help nurture a close-knit community.


Sturdy, high and well-maintained compound walls keep the inside secured. Check the build, quality, height and construction of the ramparts and surrounding fencing.


Railings and grills are present at several places of the development. As a basic, check for the sturdiness and make of the rails and grills present on the terrace, in the common areas, lobbies, balconies, unsafe regions, stairways, access ramps, accessible roofs, mezzanines, gallerias, balconies and raised platforms. Railings should be checked for any decay, gaps at penetrations, and general structural solidity. If not present, ask for the details from the builder regarding all safety guards.


Separate entry-exit points, for both vehicles and pedestrians, will help keep the inside area guarded. The two distinct checkpoints add another layer of security to the gated project. A single entry-exit can often get crowded with outgoing and incoming pedestrians and vehicles and hence proper checking can become a concern in the peak hours. Make sure you get all the information regarding the entry and exit management.


Simply put, the security guards are indeed the first line of defence. Well-trained security personnel with the appropriate equipment can keep the building, the residents and the important assets secure. At most times, even the vigilant presence of a security guard is enough to intimidate offenders and prevent unpleasant incidents. An Intercom facility can ease communication between the residents and the security guards.


Inquire about the security measures pre-integrated by the developer. A smart visitor management system is a requisite today. It can help to encourage well-organized and secure visitor operations. A customised solution, with a centralised dashboard, can help get real-time reports and analytics across multiple access points. It can help record, monitor and track the entry and exit of people. Integrating visitor management with access control heightens the security manifolds. Visitor movement can be traced, while also the entry to the sensitive areas can be limited. RFID access is a common technology used in recent times. Check if any of these contemporary technologies are already in place for your happy living.


Kids and seniors enjoy the outdoors. Thus, it is important to ensure that their time outside the home and within the project premises is safe and comfortable. A vehicle-free podium can guarantee more security.


Elevator safety is central to the development’s overall security. The elevators, both passenger and service, are used day-in and day-out by youngsters and seniors alike. The elevators should be sufficient in number, have well-equipped emergency devices and alarms, have clearly mentioned load capacities and have overload warnings. Regular maintenance of the elevators is also crucial in the long run.


Generator backup in common areas, amenity areas and the parking will keep the areas well-lit even in case of a power cut or technical glitch across the project. Additionally, it will be great if a couple of electrical points in the house have generator-back up too. Enquire about the same.


The risky zones such as the swimming pool, children’s play area, gymnasium, sports courts should be designed and built as per International standards and should be under supervision by experts and trained professionals at all times.


Adequate round-the-clock CCTV surveillance, fire extinguishers, trained security personnel, street and common area lights, safe elevators, first aid kits, safety stickers and emergency contact lists in the development ensure that the residents enjoy a care-free outdoor space. Make a note of these facilities.


Fire safety is important in building design and management. To ensure safe living, there should be enough, well-maintained escape routes out of the building, according to its scale and occupancy. Installation and maintenance of smoke detection systems and smoke suppression systems, automatic water sprinklers, refuge spaces are must for residential developments. Flame-retardant materials should be used wherever possible for maximizing safety. Check if the evacuation is thoughtfully developed and clearly presented.


The allocated parking space, the inclines in and out of the parking arena, the visitors’ parking etc. should be extremely safe. Ensure that the vehicles will be safe at all times. Parking area upkeep can be a valuable security tactic. Special attention should be given to and dedicated efforts should be made for monitor parking spaces, entries, and contracted zones such as stairwells and passageways.


Another important check is the provision for the visitors’ parking. A visitors’ parking area outside the project premises or at a distinct parking level reduces the interface with the visitors and ensures that only authorised, regular vehicles are permitted beyond a certain point or at a particular level.


A designated area for dropping and collecting packages such as food parcels, online shopping deliveries, courier bundles can ensure that the entry by multiple delivery persons is well-monitored and controlled. Additionally, a separate entry and exit visitor management system for the service providers such as the facility management personnel, online service providers etc. can ensure that these regular visitors are tracked and the movement is charted.


Smart home security can enhance the living experience by leaps and bounds. Video door phones with two way-communication, good video quality, night vision and systematic monitoring can be add-ons to the existing basic security systems. Safe door locks, robust, well-designed and high quality electrical wiring, fire alarm system, intrusion alarm system, gas leakage detection system etc. in the house can safeguard that the in-home security is taken care of, in or without your presence at all times.


A house for obvious reasons should be absolutely intruder safe. Before finalising the house, check the possible entries into the space. All the entrances to the house, including the main door, should be well-secured and access restricted. In most buildings, jumping from the terrace or balcony above to the floor below is a major concern. Similarly, possible entry from the utility area should be noted.

A well designed and well-kept residential society is the key to a happy house and happy living. Check for all these safety elements to keep your loved ones safe.

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