Electrical and Safety Aspects to Check While Taking Possession

Checking the presence of loose or naked wires, MCBs, ELCB, child safety plates, etc. during possession can ensure your house has a robust electrical circuit system assuring safety of your house.

Despite advancements in technology and stringent safety rules, there are thousands of unfortunate incidents every year in India relating to defective electrical connections and wiring. If the homeowners can execute a thorough check of these aspects before taking possession of their house, they can be assured of a safe and trouble-free living experience in their new home. All crucial elements should be comprehensively checked by expert electricians as well as by homeowners themselves.


The Electrical Distribution Board is a small compartment usually located at the entrance of the home or sometimes centrally located. The small box contains MCBs and ELCBs, which facilitate the distribution of power supply to the entire house. Inside this Distribution Board, there few important aspects to checks:

  • It is imperative to check whether the MCB Circuit Identification marking is done. The circuit identification marking helps to understand which circuit breaker is provided for a particular room. Thus, in case of an emergency, this circuit identification can be quickly referred to know.
  • Miniature Circuit Breakers or MCBs are small switches that control the flow of current in different circuits. When the need arises, these can automatically trip off or can be used to stop the flow of current in one particular circuit, which pertains to a particular area of the house.
  • It is also vital to check the ELCB. ELCB or Earth Leakage Circuit Breaker exists to stop electrocution of the entire house in case the current is leaking to the Earth circuit. For example, if a child accidentally places a metal object in one of the plug points, he or she will be electrocuted. To stop this flow of current to the entire house and to prevent others from getting electrocuted, ELCB will be triggered and the current of the entire house will be shut down.
  • Before taking possession of your house, always make sure to check the fitting, operation, and the current status of both MCBs and ELCB.


In case there are children at home or if children are expected to visit or frequently stay, always check the child safety plates on the plug points. Child electrical safety plates are a must; these plates can prevent the accidental insertion of any metallic object in the plug points and protect the children, the inhabitants and the entire house. All sockets having safety shutters should be installed considering child safety.


A simple rule – there should be absolutely no loose or naked wires anywhere in the house. Be it wiring for lights, bulbs, fans, AC, fridge, or for charging points, all loose and naked wires need to be sealed and properly taken care of before shifting to the new house.


Before moving into a new house, make sure whether all the charging points, fans, bulbs, and other electrical appliances are operational, and whether they are getting the adequate voltage they require for being operational.

A thorough check-up of the electrical wirings, electrical board, and MCBs and ELCB by an expert is highly recommended to make sure that there are no ambiguities and absolutely zero margins for faults or shortcomings.