What to Check in the Doors and Windows When Taking House Possession?

Conducting thorough doors and windows checks when taking possession can ensure that the door frames, drain hole, window felt, fixtures and fittings are perfect in your house.

Doors and windows are indispensable parts of every house. While doors are basically for entry-exit, they also serve the purpose of keeping homes safe from intruders and unwanted gazes from neighbours. Windows, on the other hand, are basically for ventilation and light. However, aesthetically, they serve an even greater purpose of creating a statement and enhancing the overall look and feel of the house. If you are a new homeowner, and about to take possession of your abode, meticulously assessing the windows, doors, and the hinges that support them is very crucial. In case there are any issues, you can immediately ask the builder to rectify them and avoid unnecessary hassles and hindrances later.

Here are the five top things you must check in doors, windows, and hinges before moving into your new home.


The latest trend in architecture and interior design is the usage of UPVC windows and doors. Due to their durability and flexibility, UPVC or Unplasticized Polyvinyl Chloride windows and doors are gaining popularity. In case you have UPVC windows, there can be two possibilities: they can be casement windows where the shutter opens out and closes in or can be sliding in nature. In the case of sliding windows and doors, the quality and durability of the frames need to be checked. Broken or loosely fit frames are a strict no.


Just below the frame, in the bottom part of the window, there is a drain hole in most cases. While checking the windows, you should always look out for the drain hole and check if it is open or not and whether any mortar has accidentally covered it. The drain hole should not be blocked with anything and a plug or cap should be there to cover it. During rains, this drain hole cap should be removed to allow the stagnated water to pass through and the cap stops insects from coming inside the house.


Window Felt or Window Seal is a long stripe brush or a comb-type material that is placed in between two or three window slides. It helps in the movement of the slides as it provides a small gap that needs to be closed to shut the window. Besides, it also helps in blocking the air and water from coming inside to a certain extent. During construction, this window felt can dislocate or come out. While checking your windows, make sure that this window felt is optimally placed and the windows are sliding without any issues.


During the inspection of the doors, pay special attention to the hinges supporting them. Check if the hinges are properly fitted or not and if all the screws are properly aligned. Screws should be driven perpendicular to the surface of the frame, not angular and should not be projecting out. If that is the case, it means that the hinges won’t be able to support the weight of the door. While moving the door, there should be no squeaky sound and the movement should be seamless and effortless. Attention should also be given to the bolts on the doors – the bolts which are present on the top, on the handle, the horizontal bolts, locks, and the tower bolts. Check if the tower bolt can fit in easily with the receiver.


There are two types of door stoppers – the ones which are attached to the adjacent wall and the other type which are placed at the bottom of the door and stick to the floor. Stoppers serve an important function of safeguarding the doors, frames and walls, when there is a sudden gust of wind and the door slams shut. Always check if the stopper is working or not and if there space is sufficient to secure the door via the stopper.

An important point to note – while inspecting the doors, windows, and locks, always take someone along with you. It may happen that due to some faulty lock or bolt, the doors get jammed and you get locked up in an empty apartment with no network coverage or connectivity. Always get in touch with the builder proactively and get all issues resolved at the earliest.